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I Am Wrath    

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Filme Eu Sou a Fúria Dublado (2016)

Assistir Eu Sou a Fúria Legendado – Na trama de vingança, após o assassinato de sua esposa, um homem (John Travolta) se vê diante da imobilidade da justiça e descobre um esquema de corrupção na polícia. Como diz o título, ele se tornaria a fúria em pessoa para, segundo a sinopse oficial, “destruir aqueles que abusam de seu poder”.

Assistir – Eu Sou a Fúria (2016) – Grátis

Eu Sou a Fúria Dublado

Eu Sou a Fúria Dublado

Synopsis – Movie I Am Wrath

Watch I Am Wrath – A man is out for justice after a group of corrupt police officers are unable to catch his wife’s killer.

VIEWS ON FILM review of I Am Wrath
Movie I Am Wrath John Travolta and Christopher Meloni know that they’re appearing in a campy shoot-‘em-up. They also know that their kooky interplay is what the script requires in said shoot-‘em-up. Finally, they realize that they’ve fallen far from the days of Pulp Fiction and Law & Order: SVU. Do they care? Probably not. Watch I Am Wrath Otherwise, they wouldn’t have agreed to star in I Am Wrath (my latest review).

Eu Sou a Fúria Legendado

Eu Sou a Fúria Legendado

Watch I Am Wrath “Wrath” is helmed by Chuck Russell. He’s a guy that I guess, grew up within a stone’s throw of where I live (Edison Park, Chicago). Having not made a film since 2002, it’s odd that the director of such box office hits as The Mask and Eraser would wait over a decade to put such a predictable revenge thriller on his resume. Bodies pile up, acting is middle-of-the-road, Travolta’s hair (or his highlighted toupee) becomes a supporting bit part, and obligatory, techy news footage inhabits the opening credits. Would I call Russell’s “Wrath” a John Wick clone with less kills? That’s a fair assessment. Would I recommend it considering that I’ve seen much worse direct-to-video releases (Exposed comes to mind)? Not quite. With a farcical ending, Rebecca De Mornay accumulating just a few minutes of screen time, and laughable decisions made by the makeup department (some scenes are bloodless while other shots have to show the required red dye on the trouper’s faces), I Am Wrath is the definition of average. “I am” not that impressed by it. … by  viewsonfilm

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